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Letting Go of Someone You Love.

‘’An enchanted moment and it sees me through, it’s enough for this restless warrior, just to be with you’’. Elton John.

This post isn’t about my love for Elton John which is deep and infinite. I could easily list all the reasons why I love him, how his music has inspired me and how he became my muse. But I’m resisting the urge. Instead, I wanted to talk more about the words he uses. I used to use the phrase magical moments in life, but I think enchanted moments sounds more magical.

Enchanted moments can be felt anywhere and at any time. It simply requires us to open our eyes and be open to seeing the beauty right where we are. Despite what is going on in our lives, what we are feeling and letting go of.

Once upon a time this practise was not imbedded in me. I used to feel so dark and low about so many things, it would take me a while to get out of that. Now it’s quicker to pick myself out of that because of practises like these. I share because there will always be periods of darker days, there will always be things thrown at us, but we have an element of power here. Life continues to be beautiful even in the painful moments of letting go of something.

A gorl letting go of love

One day recently I was reminded of the power of enchanted moments. I went to Holly Bush, Wolverhampton. I was there to pick up Pottery from Potsy Pansy (no ad, I will attach link just because it is an amazing place for kids).

I took my nieces for a day out a while ago and did some pottery painting. They glaze it and then you go back and pick It up. Yes, they loved it and yes of course I painted something too. Inner child heaven. There were some blotchy mistakes

I made on my mug and expressed my dissatisfaction. Too which my beautiful oldest niece said ‘’ its ok, it’s looks abstract’’! She’s 10! They just surprise you at every turn, don’t they!

I went back to pick up the pottery and sat in the coffee shop feeling sorry for myself and sad. I was sad because I realised there was a person in my life I had to let go of and I didn’t want to. Longer story as to the why but I think most of us know that awful feeling of letting someone or something go. We know we need to but it’s a process of sadness, perhaps grief and a lot of tears.

Anyway, I remember a philosophy I now live by which is to experience all of life by feeling fully alive in all areas of my life. To me that means embracing and feeling everything even the sadness and pain. I like to find the beauty that is to be found in all of these emotions and experiences. It’s what keeps me going.

Shut up and dance with me comes on the radio. I am sitting in the coffee shop and I realised this is a beautiful moment. Right here I’m free. What don’t I have in this moment?

Watching friends sitting together and a little girl standing on a chair throwing a tantrum. This is all of beautiful life. I love the fact the little girl felt so confident in expressing her needs she got right up on that chair. I am sitting a stones throw from the pottery place I bought my nieces. That day was filled with so much love and joyful memories. Apart from the whole day nearly causing me to take out a mortgage!

Yes, I still feel sadness on my peripheral radar of feelings and that’s ok. My sadness is a part of this beautiful life. Whilst things hurt, I truly appreciate all of these beautiful emotions. Most of all, I’m so glad to be here right now, alive. Present to all the opportunity to be love this day offers.

As if to truly sink this message in, life presents this moment to me. There is a couple that have just sat down in front of me with their baby. They are just the picture of joy and contentment. This little baby keeps looking at me and smiling. Honestly my heart feels so grateful for all of these beautiful moments.

OK now the baby is chuckling at me. Seriously so much innocent joy and light. I truly hope she keeps that joy and remembers that light she is radiating now. I think we sort of forget don’t we as we age, and I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. I truly believe this. We don’t lose that which we had as babies, we just forget and need to remember.

That joy, that love, that light is still inside us. It’s still inside you. It’s just a simple case of excavating. Dig away until you unearth this treasure within you.

A man patting his dog. Why does this simple act fill my heart up? It’s an action of pure love.

Then Elton comes on the radio. (Honestly you can’t make up enchanted life moments). Simply open yourself up to witness them right where you are and life will show you so much. So many things right here right now are lighting me up.

A woman and her dog sitting together

Life shows us so many small actions of love. Are we witnessing them? I know I haven’t always when I’ve been stuck in my own head. However, when I come back down and witness life in its all its splendour, then wow! I am not only witnessing magic but I am a part of the magic. I am magic. No ego hat on because we all are. We all have that power within us.

Life is beautiful. All of life is beautiful because we are alive. That truly is a gift. I think when we are able to go to the depths of our feelings, to sit with them and not supress them, magic happens. It opens us up to the depth of beauty and magic life has to offer us. On reflection, it helped me to put into perspective the whole letting go process and the strength in doing that. It takes a ton of strength and a lot of self-love to really put yourself first simply by letting the something or someone go.

If you need help in finding your own light or strength, drop me a message to connect with me one on one. It would be my pleasure to help you.

*As I was editing this piece to publish, sitting in a coffee shop again (best place to work) Elton john comes on. One of my favourite songs, Your Song. Seriously, you can’t make up the magic of life. So much beauty right here, right where we are.

Resources for further support.

David Hawkins Letting Go: The pathway to surrender (available at all good bookshops)

Letting go meditation inspired by David Hawkins.


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