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Finding your Inner Superhero

Hey Superhero.

*Piece inspired by September 2021's fuel madness*

Hey psst you. Listen. I'm going to tell you a secret. The biggest life shaking secret of your life. Perhaps one we should have been told at birth and had whispered in our ears ever so gently since then. You must promise me one thing though. This secret needs to be spread like Chinese whispers, ok? Except this message doesn't get distorted, it’s message gets stronger each time it is repeated.

Ready? Here it is…

Children embracing their inner superhero and strength representing us all doing this

You are a superhero! You are powerful.

Hmmm. OK so stay with me folks this gets juicy I promise. I wish we were told this as children and most of us weren't. We grew up in different times. Nowadays folks seem more switched on and are teaching their children the power they have inside. The thing is though us adults are having a tough time believing in our own personal power. Many of us grew up on the Disney version of being rescued and not rescuing ourselves from the monster. I feel like writing this is going to be radical and triggering for some people. I get it, there is a lot of fear, craziness and uncertainty. A lot of the time the media is flaming the fires of fear. Warning here is where the radical bit comes in. Have you stopped recently and taken stock of what you, yes you, have achieved these last few years? Go on, take a moment, write it down if you must and stick it on the fridge to remind yourself. We forget because we adapt to a (I hate this phrase, so I apologise for using it but it's the best word to use) 'new normal', shudder. Well, that was not chosen by you, was it? It was forced on us all. Yet you, we, all of us, had to adapt. We ADAPTED folks. Therein lies one of your superhero powers. We flipping adapted to the situation, adjusted and carried on. That takes strength, that takes courage. Remind yourself over and over again. A friend said to me recently, Amerdeep hasn't there always been uncertainty and fear? When your parents came to a new country, it was uncertain, they would have been scared. It got me thinking. Life was uncertain for our grandparents and great-grandparents going through World War II, right?! Life was uncertain and scary around September the 11th, right?! What about Brexit and all the numerous things people have had to face. My point is, all these things were faced, people adapted, some people even thrived and became their best selves e.g. Edith Eger. We survive and often thrive because it is in our nature to adapt and make the best out of a bad situation. We turn poop into fertile ground for things to grow. We are clever folks. Let's not forget that. You might not think you are. Heck perhaps even you forgot your superpowers because life, the media, the government, etc made you forget. But this is your reminder call. So, dust yourself off Superhero. Pick up your Cape and go fly into your life. Let's not let anyone determine for us what our reality is. Our happiness is not dependent on external things it's dependent on us and how we feel internally. We get to choose who we are. Who do you want to be? I for one want to be a Superhero. So even Captain America would be envious. Ways to feel your inner superhero:

Kindness (to yourself as well!) Looking for daily joy Connecting with others Service to others Self-care Compassion There are more please add them on. Examples of superheroes: The staff at Sainsbury's, Wolverhampton who stood on the forecourt during September's petrol situation and directed cars. They had a smile on their face and were calmly keeping order. So all were safe and peace reigned. Despite the queue and the weather!

All you parents who home schooled your children. Every single one of you absolute legends. Service staff naturally.

What about your neighbour because we all have one that checks we're ok.

My twin brother Feel free to comment below with examples of your own or others superhero powers in action. Let's share the love. Right OK from one superhero to another, you got this, we got this. Crazy times, sure but we got this in the bag.

DISCLAIMER – Also known as stating the absolute bleeding obvious! When I refer to superhero powers, I refer to attitudes and behaviours. None of us can actually fly or do any of that film stuff. So do not try to fly. You aren’t invisible and you do not possess Thor type strength. If you are that silly billy, one in a million person who reads this and thinks I can actually fly, don’t. For the love of God, DON’T.


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