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Launching 1.12.21

Stay tuned for words that will change your life

I have been working on changing my relationship with pain over recent months.

I realised an old pattern of mine was to not do things because I was in pain. Understandable but also a way to stay in my comfort zone and play safe in life.

By launching on 1st December, that gives me time to pre plan lots of exciting content for you. Also, I am being mindful of the pain. If I am having a flare, it won’t stop me putting content out for you lovely folks.

It is important to keep going in the direction of one’s dreams and being realistic about the things that may pop up, that could sway us off course. I work around it now by planning in advance.

So hence the launch in December. It will be worth it. Promise.

If you want to join up to the community space you are more then welcome. It is where you can keep updated with posts, communicate, comment and share your thoughts. It will always be a safe, welcoming space where like-minded people can gather and chat.

You can also sign up to newsletters below. You will get updated about new posts and each month I will send out content exclusive to subscribers.

Stay tuned for Taking the road less travelled published on 1.12.21.


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