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Taking The Road Less Travelled

Join me on a walk through the Magic Woods - The Bathurst Estate, Sapperton

Have you ever had an experience that has changed your life? Often, we think the life changing experiences are the big things. Such as goals achieved, lottery wins, relationships, etc. I have found usually it is in the simplest of things. A moment in time where a person feels completely happy and exactly where they are meant to be in life. Yes, there may be things going on in my life. Yes, there are things going on in the world. However right now, this moment is everything. This moment is all I have. I don't have yesterday that is gone. I don't have tomorrow, that is yet to happen. One step at a time. That's all I can do. So, I do. I place one foot in front of the other on the ground, on this path I've taken through a place nicknamed the magic woods in Cirencester (My Enid Blyton loving inner child was very happy about this walk).

I feel like trigger joyfully bouncing with each step I take. In this moment, after a wonderful few days connecting with myself, I feel me again. The most me I have felt in my life. Content, happy, joyful. Simple. Nothing needed to feel this, not another person, goal, way to look, material possession, just me and nature. I take joy in all the wonders around me. The sheep behind the wall, the small flowers growing on the moss covered wall, the rocky path and the trees lining the path ahead. Life is special we just have to open our eyes and look, really look at the small things all around us. Life is magical and precious. What a wonderful planet we get to be a part of. How blessed we are. The world reminds us of it's beauty. It's healing powers. It is a balm to a troubled soul. It helps bring us back into balance. For isn't that what earth teaches us through nature? Everything is balanced. Everything is cyclical. When one thing appears to end another thing begins. We think winter everything is dead. It's just nature hibernating and resting. We can't see what is going on beneath the surface but it's biding it’s time. Divine timing. It’s time will come. It doesn't ask when will I grow again? In this time of stillness, is beauty. This phase has as much value as spring. It's all in balance. Nature has it in hand. Nature teaches us so much. How blessed are we, we get to witness this. Earth is sign posting it's secrets to look up, look around, to look within and to look at the small things. Beauty is everywhere in the small flowers that grow between the cracks of a pavement. It's in the markings on a tree, to the insects that are around us, to the clouds, to the birds, to the fallen leaves on the ground, in the decay of a flower and in the infinite things that are on earth. Look up whispers Earth look around, look within. Look at all the treasures I have bestowed on you. All the wonders at your feet and at your fingertips. Take care of me she asks. It's all I ask. Appreciate me.

When I am standing in this forest, I do not feel lonely. I am in the presence of life itself. The wind, the sun, the creatures that dwell here, the plants and trees are keeping me good company. I look up at the trees that form a canopy over my head and the sunlight that trickles through the leaves. The way the shadows create patterns on the ground. The beauty in the way life designs the leaves on the trees. Their perfect shape. The way the sun hits the leaves and illuminates them. The wind caressing my face and hair. Nature chatting away.

All is well. All is peaceful. If you stand still and listen, close your eyes even, quieten the mind, nature whispers her secrets to you gladly. For she is happy you are here listening and connecting to her.

There are no coincidences, life is full of synchronicity. For me to believe otherwise is missing out on the magic and infinite power of the universe and the earth that we live on. Earth is full of magic that we are yet to discover. There is an infinite intelligence here on earth. How could we ever understand all of this? Life on earth is infinitely beautiful and powerful.

This is joy. This is peace. We are all connected. There is beauty and joy everywhere. Standing here in this sacred place I feel it strongly.

Sitting on a bench, the sun has disappeared behind a cloud. I have faith it will return. It then appears again and shines a clear stream of light onto me. It illuminates all in its path and bathes me in it’s warmth. The wind rustles, birds sing and life is good. Life is great. I am content right now.

The fallen leaves are beautiful. The sun gives them the appearance of gold. They remind me of the transient nature of life. Everything has it’s time. I'm sure the leaves don't cling to the branch going let me stay I don't want to fall. In each of it’s life stage, it has value and beauty. The leaves fall from the branch like a dance with the wind. On the ground, it will become mulch and decompose. Perhaps animals will use the leaves as homes or to build nests. In the right season the leaves will grow again. Cycle of life.

How much of our brains do we use? 10%? A small amount we are told. From that amount we have the world around us. People we have dubbed experts, tell us what they know from the world from their learned perspective. Still bearing in mind, that learned knowledge of theirs resides in that 10%. So, who is to say the experience I had on this walk wasn't magical? There is so much we don't know. That is mind blowing. There is so much infinite potential and possibilities that right now are beyond our understanding because they reside in the other 90% of our brains.

The % could differ but the point is exactly the same. There is so much infinite magic to life and so much we couldn't possibly know. We don't have all the answers. So, relax. We don't need to have all the answers either. Life is amazing, magical and possesses a divine intelligence or simply intelligence if the word divine icks you out. This is beyond our % of brain because we are only using a small amount. The fact that we as humans have done and created so much based on that %, gives me hope as to how much more is possible.

What exists in that 90%? How exciting is that thought? Life shows us every day how magical and smart it is. You only have to really look at the sacred geometry of plants to see that. How each petal is perfectly arranged. How life blooms from a seed. Childbirth. A spider’s web. A butterfly emerging from a cocoon at exactly the right time, etc. I could go on!

Life truly is magical.


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5 comentários

Mushk Sameen
Mushk Sameen
17 de dez. de 2021

Peace, Passion & Creativity

You're all combine 🥰


this is a beautiful piece of writing! Thank you for sharing your perspective, so much truth in the piece a real pleasure to read!


How beautiful to wake up to such an inspirational read. Thank you. You paint pictures with every word.

I look forward to more of your teachings❤️


savita madhar
savita madhar
01 de dez. de 2021

Oh wow that was an amazing read, the way you write is magical, you take the reader on a journey with you, which only accomplished writers can do and you are the very best! Can not wait for more 😍


Good morning my friend this is so beautiful. What a lovely place and your words are like a prayer.

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