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The Ripple Effect

No not the chocolate. Do they even sell them anymore? Mmm... But chocolate though. Anyway, enough about creamy, delicious, melt in your mouth chocolate. This is about something infinitely more important. You, me, us and the ripple effect we have in the world. We don't see it or feel it. Nevertheless it's there. We are all connected by this web of life. Let me explain. A person smiles at you, brightens your day or cheers you up for that moment. You then smile at another, the gift is passed on. From one person to another. Who knows when the gift of the smile will end. I hope it doesn't for a world full of smiles is the kind of world I want to live in. It just starts with one moment, one innocent smile to another. The giver then going about their day oblivious to the gift they have bestowed on another and the far-reaching effects of the smile. Or what about a person sharing their experiences with another. The listener so inspired by what the person is saying, looks into having that experience for themselves. The listener then goes and tells their family about it, stoking a spark in another person. They want to experience this thing too. So, they do and on and on it goes. One person sharing with another their experience with this thing. Who knows how far that goes? How far it reaches? The original person is totally oblivious to all of these people they have touched. As far as they are aware, they are just living their life. However, that person unknowingly has now touched many lives. It is the same with experiences of anger or fear. It is so easy to spread but the buck stops with us. Each of us. I think we can each recall something that was said or done in anger and witnessed how easily that angers ripples out to all around us. There is nothing wrong with these emotions per se, they are signposting us to what is going on internally. This is more about us taking our emotions and spreading them out into the world. Anger not dealt with can ripple effect out to those around you, that will then ripple effect to those they know and on and on.

We each get to choose what effect we want to have in the world. Do we choose to be a ripple effect of good in the world or something else entirely? Who really knows how far reaching that simple choice you made has on another? That choice could be to be kind, to smile at someone or share your story that inspires another. Who really knows? How amazing and powerful is that?! I hope this story serves as a ripple effect in your life. I hope you see how simply powerful each and everyone of us truly is. Go ripple folks. If they do still sell Ripple and I have spiked an increase in sales, I trust the brand will send me commission. (Joke – imagine if I did have that much power!).

Thank you to all the people who unknowingly were a ripple effect in my life.


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