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What's wrong with your Intuition?!

Someone recently asked me, what is wrong with your intuition? I was stumped. It wasn’t a trick question. I hesitated and replied, ‘’nothing’’.

So why wasn’t I listening to it? Why was I so quick to give my power away to other things that gave me answers rather than listening to that inner knowing we all have inside.

Question is, why isn’t it easier to listen to this? Maybe it is and we aren’t used to listening to it. I think we are just conditioned to give our power away to other things. It isn’t our fault actually as society/the outside world is designed that way. We weren’t taught growing up, to listen to this inner voice.

What is intuition, you may ask?

It’s referred to as a gut feeling or gut reaction. It’s that inner presence inside you that guides you, that has the answers to what you should do. (Not to be confused with fear’s voice. The difference between the two is one speaks from lack and the other speaks from love. Both useful teachers). Intuition is what we all naturally have from birth but life sort of heaps stuff on us and this strength of ours gets buried under a lot of BS.

So why wasn't I listening to it? Because my ego got in the way. The fear or mind whatever you want to call him upstairs in your brain. That voice that takes over and goes nope, I know the right way I'll take over. Thereby leading you down the road to disaster. Which is what happens when my head takes over from my heart. Coming from a Sikh background, intuition was beaten out of us at birth. We were taught to follow the line, not to ruffle any feathers, be smart, study and do what was expected. Intuition was like a foreign concept. Heck not even a concept, it was not even thought of or imagined as an idea. So many people of those eras, our ancestors were not taught to give space to this power, to listen to it and nurture it. However, this is the power and magic of women. Their superpower, their intuition was there all along. It bubbled under the surface and presented itself in subtle ways. My Bibi (Grandma) grew up in a time of suppression in India and didn’t have the luxury of an education. Yet her whole life was lived by her intuition. Now, no one taught her this it was just there all along. What if we take this strength we all have and nurture it? What then for our own potential and the potential of our children? What if we teach them from the beginning how to listen to that voice of strength inside? Imagine the possibilities!

After the question, what’s wrong with your intuition, was asked to me, I wondered, where have I ignored my intuition? I have done a ton of different healing courses. Then there were the crystals, the cards, the gratitude practises, the tons of books on every possible subject, etc. I am not bashing any of this stuff.

The spiritual/wellbeing world to a newbie is enticing like Harry entering Diagon Alley after being in the muggle world. The difference Is there is no Hagrid protecting you. So, you are on your own, with a pocket full of gold, looking to try everything under the sun. I started down that road thinking it would lead to answers. I was like a child in a candy store.

It was helpful to me, it set me on a path and introduced me to people who ultimately, I learnt from and made lifelong friends. However, I had things in my life as crutches, as things to give me answers. Heck, I even had people in my life I was looking at to give me answers. Instead of tapping into my own inner voice to find the answers.

I am starting to see how some of this stuff is not healthy IF it is taking us away from our own power. How does it do that? If something makes you feel like you need to do x, y or z to manifest something or be more yourself or be in a high vibe place, then no. Just no. I have read all the books and fell into the trap of am I doing that technique right? I’m doing it wrong. Am I practising gratitude enough? This serves to just encourage the cycle of not good enough.

The really, really simple truth is we are worthy. We are. That’s it. No ifs buts or maybes. It’s not based on us doing anything or being anything, we just are. You could say it’s your birth right. It’s a case of remembering who we really are and tapping into that.

The tools have a place in our lives. Used correctly they are tools to help us tap into our own intuition. If it brings you closer to trusting yourself, sure. If you feel it’s another thing to do to or you feel you are doing it wrong, maybe put that thing down. Instead, dig deeper into the belief itself and the emotion that comes up. Tap into your intuition and see what it says. Try placing your hand on your heart in a quiet moment and listen to what it’s saying.

We all have so much gunk heaped on us throughout life. Is it time to start removing the gunk that is clogging us up? I think so because in that gunk you will find your treasure. I am in the process of degunking myself and it’s worth it.

Your treasure is you discovering the voice of your intuition and that feeling of worthiness. Self-worth is something not to be underestimated. For when we start tapping into one, we will tap into the other. Both will create ripples of change in your life. #intuition #toxicspirituality #weareenough #tools #crutches #toolsnotcrutches #spiritualempowerment #enough #muggleworld #gutreaction #gutfeeling #listentomyintuition #powerinme #practisinggratitude #myinnervoice #wellbeingspiritualworld #degunking #listeningtomyself #trustmyself


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