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The Magic In The Pause

"There’s a power that lies in the space ‘between’, that subtle instant when something ends and what follows next hasn’t yet begun. From the birth and death of galaxies to the beginning and endings of careers and relationships, and even in the simplicity of breathing in and out, creation is the story of beginnings and endings: cycles that start and stop, expand, and contract, live, and die.

Regardless of scale, between the beginning and the end, there exists a moment in time when neither one has fully happened. That moment is where magic and miracles come from. In the instant of between, all possibilities exist, and none have been chosen. From this place, we are given the power to heal our bodies, change our lives, and bring peace to the world. All events originate from this powerful, magical moment’’.

Gregg Braden, Power of Prayer.

This reminds me of Narnia when Lucy walks through the wardrobe, feeling her way through the coats. She is in the unknown, what we would call the space in between. Not quite in one world not in the next. When she does stumble into Narnia and her foot crunches on snow, her world is enriched and transformed. All she did was trust and take one step in front of the other. Never turning back in fear. (Dear God when I properly grow up, can I have half of this character’s courage?!)

This mystical magical space where all is possible. OK. Yes please. That is where I want to be. I always come back to this idea that Gregg Braden talks about, the space in between. So, what exactly is this space and where can one find it? I’m pretty sure I won’t find myself a magical wardrobe to call my own space in between. It’s the end of one chapter and not quite the start of the other. Any place life presents us with a not knowing of what is about to happen or something hasn’t quite happened yet.

These moments of space can be opportunities to go quiet and go within, and see what life presents us with. The only problem with this is the ego brain. It starts having a mini meltdown and throwing tons of questions at me. ‘What do I do then? Let go?! Surrender?! Stop?! We have to be doing something. We can’t just not do anything. We’re wasting our time. Our worth is in doing things’!

Sign. Ok chill dude I remind my ego brain. Let’s pause. Like all the mystics say trust in the universe. So, I am trusting, pausing, and trying to find harmony in this stillness.

Anxiety looms because uncertainty and change generally break me out in a cold sweat. Letting go of control is not something I am comfortable with. However, something I have worked on this year because I know this is not a healthy way to live or love. Therefore, any time this year I find myself going full throttle, headfirst into dangerous, control mode territory, I lift my foot off the pedal and let go. I lean into uncertainty. It sounds crazy I know.

Why would we want to dwell in the uncertainty of life? Where we don’t know what is happening. Life is so uncertain as it is. Unpredictable. This is precisely the reason I do this practise because I don’t want to live my life in fear. Life is full of change, to resist this, is what causes me pain. I think for a lot of us, the fear of the unknown is huge.

I became aware that the old way of living was not serving me. I healed old beliefs and changed patterns to ones that worked for me. It is a constant work in progress, not easy but worth it.

I am learning to sit in this space and be comfortable with change. I am working on uncertainty not making me feel like a headless chicken. It's taken some time to build trust within myself and it sounds so simple. Like it's something we automatically have. I am strengthening myself emotionally, so I know no matter what happens in life, I won’t lose myself in the storm. I look for ways in the tides of change, in this space, that I can sit comfortably and just be. I let the magic of life and all the infinite possibilities present themselves to me in this space. Instead of scrambling around trying to force things to happen.

There are times now I feel the excitement of the space I'm in. Even writing this sentence shows me how far I've come. This time last year I was in such a dark place and in so much pain. Physically and emotionally. I came out of that mainly by giving myself space to just be, to adjust, to trust my body and trust life, where it was leading me.

*The only reason I am publishing my writing in the world this year is because I leaned into the space, into the stillness, and let life flow instead of pushing to make things happen. When I did that, all became easy and clear.

*How to tackle uncertainty, fears, patterns, and beliefs? Some things are born from trauma and life experiences. What has helped me, is finding appropriate people and support groups to talk things through with. Having a support network to help you navigate this path is essential.

*Next time we find ourselves in this space, in between one ending and the beginning, perhaps we set an intention to sit here. Let’s see what crops up in this in between place.


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