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Letting go of Someone you Love Part 2.

Letting go is tough. However how can we do it in a way that softens the blow? Read on to find out.

I am going to tell you a tale of letting go, fearlessness and baby Geese. This post is an extension from the last post of Enchanted Moments. I find these moments really help me to be right where I am, without wallowing. Here is the link in case you want to read it again. (

Have you ever seen baby Geese run? It is the most adorable sight ever. Their furry little bodies waddling super fast! Did you know baby Geese are actually called Goslings? I didn’t till I googled it a moment ago. Did you also know these furry tiny creatures can swim right away.

Letting go of someone you love Baby Goslings

GThis may seem like a really random thing to write about but please bear with me, maximum cuteness overload coming. I was on a walk to cheer myself up at one of my favourite places Wightwick House and Garden in Wolverhampton. I could talk about this place all the time. It just has so much to offer and so much beauty. I love these National Trust places because of how much love goes in them. You can see that in how they carefully cultivate the garden to bloom at its best each season. I also find these places have lovely people there from the volunteers to the visitors. People are always up for a nice chat. In England we are in spring and therefore spring flowers are blooming. Daffodils, Blossom trees with the petals gently floating in the breeze and carpeting the grass. Then there are the Tulips. Glorious flower beds of every colour; yellow, white, purple, red and pink. For me these are the Queen of spring flowers. I love them so much. Did you know once upon a time in history tulips were used as currency to trade with? They were valuable commodities. True story. Anyway, I'm digressing so back to the Goslings. I'm here because I needed cheering up. Today was the day I was having a conversation that made me feel sad. Today was the day I was letting the someone go ( I didn’t want to but know I needed to. In order to fill myself up with joy first, I went to the place that lifts my spirits. Self-care 101: tick. It didn't disappoint. As I walked towards the lake, I saw a couple taking pictures of something. As I looked closer, I noticed the Goslings, 7 of them, eating grass alongside their parents. Their fluffy tiny cuteness was off the scales already. Next thing you know one starts zooming super-fast towards the lake. The lady next to me said oh my god, can it swim?! Such a tiny thing it was. Then another Gosling followed the first one and another. 4 of them in total. Then all we could see was their tiny little bodies bobbing along on the water! Swimming of course. OK, so thankyou nature and Google teaching me a lesson. Never underestimate little things because they can and they will. Take from a little person who knows (that’s me with all of my 5 foot 3 ness). These Goslings could swim from birth! How amazing is nature?! To see such tiny creatures following their instincts and running fearlessly towards what they wanted, was a powerful life affirming thing. I'm not sure why really. I can only put it down to the fact that life and nature is so powerful and magical. That it’s these simple moments life presents us with that really hits our hearts. When I was editing this piece after the sad conversation that made me cry a shit ton of tears, I realised something powerful. I was so grateful for that experience at Wightwick Manor as it helped me see that life isn’t one thing or another. Things aren’t bad because I am sad. Life is good with my sadness and with this beautiful event I got to witness. Where I was emotionally that morning, this spectacular, fearless event that I was privileged to witness, lifted me up.

Yes of course, letting go of someone or something we care about is challenging. Even letting go of who we were to who we are now. Certainly, my own journey with letting go has been tough with who I was pre fibromyalgia and who I was after. That is another story that involves grief and acceptance. Even In all of this, life is beautiful and magical. The wheel of life rolls on. We get to experience all these emotions at the same time. This helps me to not wallow in the pain of letting go. It helps me to trust that this magic of life will enter my life again. Nature and all its wonders really are a balm for the soul. It doesn't take much I find nowadays to find the things that fill your cup and lift you up. The older I get the more I realise it may be as simple as taking a walk in nature or going on an adventure and seeing what new things nature has to share with me today. The fearlessness of Goslings, right? I think I could definitely learn a thing or two from these beautiful creatures. That thing you want, that thing your instinct is telling you to go for, go for it! That’s why I had to let this someone go. My instinct told me I too needed to be fearless and go after what I want because I am worth it.

So, next time you feel scared or unsure. Please remember these beautiful Goslings. If such a tiny creature can be fearless so can we. Whether you go full pelt at the thing you want or you take baby steps is irrelevant. The fact we are doing it, is enough.

Letting go of someone you love Picture of a Gosling

Resources for further support.

David Hawkins Book: Letting Go: The pathway to surrender.

Letting go meditation inspired by David Hawkins.

David Hawkins book and method is all about feeling your feelings rather than suppressing them or labelling them.


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